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This blog offers an in-depth look at our factory and our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric. We cover key aspects including product features, applications, advantages, customization, production, shipping, quality control, customer feedback, and contact details. This blog provides a comprehensive understanding of our manufacturing process and the exceptional performance of our fabric across various industries.

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Welcome to Yirun, your reliable source factory for high-quality fabrics in China.We specialize in producing superior middle-to-high-end fabrics with top-notch quality coatings, including oxford fabric, 100% polyester fabric, PU coated fabric, and PVC coated fabric.We export our products to various countries, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, and the Middle East. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide products directly from the source, which enables us to offer fast delivery times and maintain strict quality control measures.

Yirun is a trusted and reliable supplier of quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Product Introduction

Detailed Description:Our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric is an engineering masterpiece, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of diverse applications.    At its core lies a high-strength polyester base fabric with a denier count of 900, signifying its exceptional thickness and durability.This robust foundation is fortified with a polyurethane (PU) coating, creating a formidable textile fusion that embodies strength, resilience, and versatility.

Technical Specifications:Denier Count: The 900 denier count signifies the thickness of individual threads used in the fabric.his higher denier count translates to increased durability and strength, making it ideal for demanding applications.

PU Coating: The polyurethane coating encapsulates the polyester base, endowing the fabric with waterproof and weather-resistant properties.It acts as an impervious barrier against moisture, making it an ideal choice for outdoor and protective gear.

Color Options and Finishes: Customizability is at the heart of our fabric offerings.    You can choose from a diverse palette of colors and finishes to align the fabric with your project’s aesthetics.Whether you seek vibrant, muted, or matte tones, our fabric adapts to your vision.

Product Applications

Outdoor Gear and Equipment

Backpacks and Bags: The robustness of our fabric is exemplified in the creation of backpacks and bags designed for outdoor enthusiasts.These backpacks endure the rigors of hiking, camping, and adventurous expeditions, providing a reliable companion for all your gear.

Tents and Shelters: When it comes to crafting tents and shelters, durability and weather resistance are paramount.Our fabric serves as the ideal material for these outdoor structures, ensuring that you remain protected from the elements.

Camping and Hiking Gear: From rugged sleeping bags to sturdy camping chairs, our fabric is an integral part of camping and hiking gear.Its tear-resistant nature and waterproofing properties guarantee that your equipment lasts through countless adventures.

Luggage and Travel Accessories

Suitcases and Travel Bags: Frequent travelers appreciate the strength and waterproof features of our fabric when selecting suitcases and travel bags.It ensures that your belongings stay dry and secure, even when exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Duffel Bags: Duffel bags made from our fabric effortlessly blend style with functionality.They offer ample storage space for your essentials while withstanding the wear and tear of travel.

Travel Accessories: The versatility of our fabric extends to various travel accessories.   Passport holders, toiletry pouches, and travel organizers made from our fabric guarantee longevity, keeping your travel essentials safe and secure.

Industrial and Protective Equipment

Heavy-duty Covers: Our fabric serves as the ultimate protective shield for heavy machinery and equipment. Whether it’s construction equipment, industrial machinery, or vehicles, our fabric ensures they remain safeguarded from harsh environmental factors.

Protective Clothing: In industrial settings where safety is paramount, our fabric is utilized to craft protective clothing. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it an excellent choice for workers exposed to challenging conditions.

Equipment Cases: Sensitive equipment requires the utmost care and protection.      Equipment cases constructed from our fabric provide a robust and secure housing, ensuring the integrity of valuable instruments.

Product Advantages

Our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric excels in the market due to several key advantages:

Durability and Strength: Our fabric’s core strength lies in its remarkable durability. With a robust denier count of 900, it boasts tightly woven threads that can withstand substantial stress and strain. This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring long-lasting resilience, whether for outdoor gear, luggage, or industrial covers.

Waterproof and Weather-resistant: The polyurethane (PU) coating applied to our fabric forms an impenetrable barrier against moisture. It not only repels water but also resists the detrimental effects of rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions. This inherent waterproofing ensures items remain dry and functional even in wet environments.

Design Flexibility and Customizability: Beyond its strength and durability, our fabric offers exceptional design flexibility. Clients can choose from a diverse palette of color options and finishes to tailor the fabric to their specific aesthetic preferences.

Long Lifespan and Low Maintenance: Products crafted from our fabric enjoy a significantly extended lifespan compared to alternatives. The fabric’s inherent strength and resistance to wear ensure it remains in top condition for years, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements translate to cost savings over the long term.

Factory Customization Process

Our dedication to customization is at the core of our manufacturing process. Here’s a streamlined overview:

Initial Consultation and Requirements Gathering: We engage in detailed discussions with clients to understand their needs, project goals, and special considerations.

Fabric Selection and Coating Options: We guide clients in choosing the right materials and coatings based on their project objectives, considering factors like strength and waterproofing.

Design and Printing Considerations: Our design team collaborates with clients to bring their vision to life, exploring custom prints, colors, and textures.

Sampling and Prototyping: We craft prototypes for clients to evaluate the fabric’s look, feel, and functionality, fostering open communication for fine-tuning.

Client Approval and Production Initiation: Once clients approve, we begin full-scale production, meticulously replicating the approved design and specifications.

Factory Production Process

Our factory’s meticulous production process transforms raw materials into top-quality 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric:

Material Sourcing and Quality Control: Careful selection of premium polyester base fabric and PU coating, coupled with rigorous quality checks, establishes the foundation for durability and performance.

Cutting and Preparation: Materials undergo precise cutting and preparation by skilled technicians, ensuring exact dimensions with impeccable accuracy. This phase emphasizes meticulous handling for fabric uniformity.

Coating Application and Bonding: Experienced technicians apply PU coating with precision, ensuring complete coverage and the desired thickness. Proper bonding creates a seamless attachment, enhancing waterproofing and weather resistance.

Quality Inspection and Testing: Comprehensive quality control is embedded throughout production. Our dedicated team conducts inspections and tests covering thickness, tensile strength, tear resistance, waterproofing, and abrasion resistance.  Non-compliant fabric is promptly addressed.

Packaging and Storage: Approved fabric proceeds to packaging and storage, where our team ensures secure packaging for safe transit. Accurate labeling and documentation aid in identification and tracking. Controlled storage preserves fabric integrity until shipment.

Shipping Process

Our comprehensive shipping process guarantees the safe and timely delivery of our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric:

Packaging and Labeling: Our skilled team goes to great lengths to securely package fabric rolls and products, safeguarding them from damage and moisture infiltration.  Each item is meticulously labeled to ensure precise handling and tracking.

Shipping Options and Partnerships: We recognize the diversity of client needs, offering a range of shipping options such as standard, expedited, and international services.  Our robust partnerships with reputable logistics companies specializing in delicate cargo ensure dependable transportation.

Tracking and Delivery Confirmation: Transparency is at the forefront.  Clients receive tracking information upon order dispatch, enabling real-time monitoring of shipment progress and receiving timely updates on expected delivery dates.  We also provide delivery confirmation services to instill confidence in order safety.

Quality Assurance During Transit: Our commitment to fabric quality extends throughout the shipping process.  We collaborate closely with logistics partners to ensure gentle handling, protection from extreme conditions, and rigorous quality control.  This ensures that the fabric arrives in the same exceptional condition as when it left our factory.

Customer Support and Assistance: Our dedication to customer satisfaction doesn’t end at our premises.  We maintain a dedicated customer support team that remains readily accessible to address inquiries, provide updates, and clarify shipment status.  Clients can reach out at any time, ensuring a seamless and worry-free delivery experience.

Quality Control (QC) Measures

Our unwavering commitment to quality control is an integral part of our manufacturing process, ensuring that our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric consistently meets and exceeds industry benchmarks:

In-house Quality Inspection Protocols:

Material Inspection: Skilled technicians thoroughly examine the polyester base fabric and PU coating for imperfections.

Dimensional Accuracy: Precise measurements confirm fabric dimensions align with client specifications.

Tensile Strength Testing: Fabric samples undergo rigorous tests simulating real-world forces.

Abrasion Resistance Testing: Specialized equipment assesses fabric resistance to wear and abrasion.

Tear Resistance Testing: Controlled forces gauge fabric’s tear resistance, crucial for outdoor gear and protective equipment.

Third-party Testing and Certification:

We engage independent third-party testing agencies to validate our fabric’s quality impartially. They conduct comprehensive tests to ensure our products consistently meet or surpass industry standards and international regulations.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

Our unwavering commitment extends to adhering to industry standards, including ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and relevant benchmarks. This commitment guarantees our fabric consistently meets or exceeds industry expectations for performance, durability, and safety.

Customer Testimonials

Feedback from Satisfied ClientsOutdoor Gear Manufacturer: “We’ve been sourcing our fabric from this manufacturer for over a decade, and the 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric has never let us down. Its durability in extreme outdoor conditions is unmatched. Our customers trust our brand, thanks in no small part to the quality of this fabric.”

Real-world Success StoriesOutdoor Enthusiast: “I’ve put my 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric backpack through hell and back on countless hiking trips. It’s been exposed to rain, rough terrain, and even survived an accidental fall into ariver. Not a single tear or leak. Impressive!”

Showcase of Long-term RelationshipsRepeat Client for Over a Decade: “I’ve been buying fabric from this manufacturer since I started my business. The consistent quality and their willingness to customize have made me a loyal customer. It’s a partnership built on trust and quality.”

These testimonials and success stories highlight the real-world impact of our 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric. They underscore our fabric’s exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, as well as the enduring relationships we’ve built with our valued clients over the years. Their satisfaction is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every yard of fabric we produce.


In conclusion, we’ve embarked on a journey through the captivating realm of 900D PU Coated Polyester Fabric manufacturing. From its remarkable advantages to the intricate factory processes, we hope this insight into our world has been both enlightening and inspiring. If you’re intrigued or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s collaborate and craft something extraordinary together. Thank you for accompanying us on this voyage of excellence!

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

Let's start your business

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

Let's start your business

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

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