1680D PVC Coated Polyester Fabric Manufacturing: Unveiling Quality and Excellence

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This is an article introducing 1680d pvc coated polyester fabric manufacturer. We are a Chinese B2B producer with a focus on producing Oxford fabrics with PU or PVC coatings. These materials are typically utilized to create numerous outdoor products, including bags, backpacks, luggage, tents, and raincoats. Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America make up our main markets. Importers, wholesalers, and factory owners who value fair pricing, high standards, and on-time delivery make up our customer. Our advantages include quick lead times, advanced technology, and affordable price.

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With many years experiences, we lead the way in creating outstanding textile solutions for a range of sectors. Our area of expertise is the creation of 1680D PVC coated polyester fabric, a substance that personifies toughness, flexibility, and durability.

Join us as we delve deeper into the intricacies of 1680D PVC coated polyester fabric manufacture, exploring its attributes, applications, and the meticulous processes that shape its excellence.

Product Overview

In our factory, we are quite proud of the 1680D PVC Coated Polyester Fabric, which is our flagship product. This outstanding textile invention sets the bar for strength, adaptability, and dependability, making it a top choice for sectors with high performance requirements.

Key Features

Unparalleled Strength: The “1680D” specification refers to the fabric’s remarkable denier count, indicating its density and strength.

PVC Coating Excellence: Our fabric’s PVC coating takes its durability to the next level. The PVC layer enhances resistance to water, abrasion, and UV rays, safeguarding products from damage and degradation.

Weather-Resistant: From scorching sun to torrential rain, our fabric stands strong against the elements. Its weather-resistant attributes ensure that products crafted from it retain their integrity in any climate.

Longevity and Durability: Its robust construction and resistance to wear and tear contribute to products that outlast traditional materials.

Customization Aesthetics: Our fabric can be customized in terms of color, patterns, and finish, allowing for branded and tailored solutions.

Diverse Applications

Outdoor and Travel Essentials 

Whether it’s backpacks or tents, our fabric enhances outdoor gear’s resilience against nature’s elements. It’s a trusted choice for durable luggage and travel accessories.

Industrial and Automotive Protection

 From industrial covers to automotive accessories, our fabric’s tear resistance and weather resilience ensure reliable protection.

Sports, Marine, and More

Sports gear, marine products, and specialized industrial equipment benefit from our fabric’s durability, contributing to their longevity and performance.

Customization Process

Tailoring Your Vision with Precision

Consultation and Design: We begin with an in-depth consultation, understanding your project’s needs and preferences. Our design team creates detailed mock-ups to visualize your customizations.

Material Selection and Prototyping: We guide you in selecting base materials and create prototypes that embody your design. Your approval at this stage is vital before production.

Precision Production and Quality Assurance:

Production Expertise: With your design approved, our production team deploys advanced machinery to apply PVC coating and exact customizations with precision.

Stringent Quality Control: Each customized fabric undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring color accuracy, uniform coating, and overall structural integrity before it receives our seal of approval.

Production Process

Material Selection and Coating Application

We begin with meticulous material selection, choosing high-quality base polyester fabric.The fabric undergoes pre-treatment and enters advanced coating machinery for precise PVC application.

Quality Control and Precision Finishing

Throughout production, our skilled inspectors conduct stringent quality checks for thickness, color, and uniformity.Once approved, the fabric is precision-cut to size, with edges expertly finished to prevent fraying.

We provide 1680D PVC Coated Polyester Fabric that exemplifies strength, durability, and unmatched performance thanks to a production method that effortlessly blends innovation and expertise.

Quality Control Process

Ensuring Industry Standards and Client Expectations

We implement stringent guidelines and protocols to ensure each batch of fabric meets established benchmarks.Client specifications and customization requirements are thoroughly integrated into our quality assessments, guaranteeing that the final product matches their exact needs.

Advanced Testing Methods and Skilled Inspectors

We employ a range of advanced testing methods, including tensile strength testing, abrasion resistance testing, and colorfastness testing.Skilled and experienced inspectors oversee every stage of production, from material inspection to final approval.Our inspectors possess a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of fabric properties, enabling them to identify even subtle imperfections.

Shipping and Delivery

Preparing Finished Products for Shipping

Once the fabric passes our rigorous quality control process, it’s carefully prepared for shipping.Rolls of fabric are expertly packaged to prevent moisture, contamination, and damage during transit.

Optimal Packaging Methods

We utilize specialized packaging materials that safeguard the fabric’s integrity and appearance.Rolls are sealed in protective covers or tubes, and additional layers ensure cushioning against impact.

International Shipping Capabilities and Delivery Time frames

Depending on the destination, shipping options can vary. Expedited shipping is available for time-sensitive projects.Estimated delivery time frames are provided during the ordering process, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making.

Customer Feedback

Positive Feedback and Testimonials:

Our clients have consistently praised the quality, durability, and performance of our 1680D PVC coated polyester fabric.

Ahmed Mohammad is from Tents Manufacturer:“Yirun is very professional in tents fabric, we have created more than 10 styles of fabric of tents. We hope we can produce more of products with them.”

Importer Amora Phillips said“Yirun provided one-shop service for us, they are good at customization, production, as well as shipment. So we trust them to arrange our whole order. Good service again.”


In conclusion, YIRUN is recognized as a leader in the production of 1680D PVC coated polyester fabric. Everything we do is driven by our dedication to quality assurance, client happiness, and customisation. Together with our rigorous methods, the fabric’s unmatched strength, adaptability, and dependability place us in a position to be a reliable partner for your textile requirements.

Please get in touch with us. Connect with our staff to go over your specific needs, look into customization possibilities, and see for yourself the superior quality that makes us stand out. Go to our website or get in touch with us right away to start your road toward innovation, sturdiness, and success.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

Let's start your business

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

Let's start your business

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

Let's start your business

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with suffix “@ioxfordfabric.com”

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